With Vy’s Market Restaurant, Ms Vy wanted to recreate the atmosphere & ambience of the local markets as she remembers them When growing up và working in her parent’s restaurant as a child. With a central courtyard surrounded but individual food stalls, guests are invited lớn see how dishes are prepared và cooked in the traditional way. From grilling rice crackers & roasting peanuts khổng lồ making fresh ‘bun’ and ‘cao lau’ noodles, the restaurant offers guests a chất lượng culinary experience. A tour of the individual stalls also forms part of her world-renowned cooking classes. Guests can tour the stalls before ordering from the tablet-based photo lớn menu and dishes are prepared & served khổng lồ order. To really enjoy an authentic Vietnamese dining experience Ms Vy encourages guests khổng lồ order in the Vietnamese way, selecting a few dishes to lớn mô tả with your fellow diners.

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Vy"s Kitchen - The exciting new restaurant now open at Vy’s Market. Featuring many of Vy’s recipes in a fine dining atmosphere. From unusual and interesting to weird & wonderful - many special recipes on two menus changing daily.

Traditional Market SettingVietnamese food and fine dining atmosphere

If you"re looking for a chất lượng culinary experience, where you will gain an understanding of how ingredients are selected và assembled to lớn create local dishes, then Ms Vy"s Market Restaurant is the perfect venue.



As with all of Ms Vy"s culinary ventures the key purpose of Vy"s Market Restaurant is khổng lồ give sầu customers a sensory food experience unlượt thích any other. In Vietphái mạnh, a town"s market represents not just a place of commerce, but a meeting point for catching up, gossiping and, of course, eating - it is the pulse of all community activity.

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Cooking Classes at Vy"s Market. A fun và interesting way to learn about Hoi An’s famous Street Food.

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Understanding Vietnamese street food & cooking culture

With Vy"s Market Restaurant in Hoi An, Ms Vy has captured the essence of a traditional Vietnamese market by offering a wide choice of street foods và specialties to visitors but in a space where they can feel comfortable to lớn enjoy them. Guests get an up cthua view of how their favourite Vietnamese foods are made - from individual ingredients to the final meal. Whether it be watching how rice noodles are formed, peanuts are traditionally roasted, or bearing witness khổng lồ a suckling pig being cooked over a charcoal grill, there is much to see, learn và taste.

In her own words, Ms Vy has explained: "My idea was khổng lồ provide an interactive experience where customers could gain a better understanding of the cooking culture in Vietphái nam. Everything here is made fresh lớn order - just like in the actual real market - except here our guests can really see how the ingredients & dishes are prepared. We explain khổng lồ customers about why we use certain techniques or combine certain ingredients together to lớn create the quality flavours of a dish; giving them an invaluable Vietnamese food experience that they really couldn"t have sầu elsewhere."

Hoi An Market, "Vy"s Market"

Her latest restaurant venture also emulates her own story - Ms Vy honed many of her cooking skills and business expertise as a child in the local market, learning from the other veteran vendors. Many of her peers as a child jokingly referred to lớn the central Hoi An market as "Vy"s market" because of her daily presence there. Later, as a young adult, she made history by becoming the first restaurateur to cater to foreign tourists in Hoi An & the town"s first ever teaching chef. It is therefore only fitting that her latest venue pays homage to lớn this important part of her childhood history in its name - The Market Restaurant - whilst also emulating her famous cooking classes by providing a space that is truly conducive sầu lớn the interactive nature of the Vietnamese cooking experience.

Vy"s Kitchen" - Ms Vy"s exciting new restaurant will be opening soon at Vy"s Market. It will feature many of Vy"s recipes from her heart cooked with love and passion in a fine dining atmosphere. Look forward to lớn the unusual and interesting, the weird và wonderful from many special recipes on two menus changing daily.

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Cookbook available now directly through any of Ms Vy"s restaurants or online here