Pavietphái nam offers everything for Vietnamese customers. You are bound khổng lồ find a highly affordable hosting solution that’s perfect for your needs whether you are an individual trang web owner or a resource-heavy enterprise.

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PAVietnam is a small hosting company that simply isn’t a match for big brands like Hostinger. The bigger hosting companies simply offer a better price for similar configuration.

Pavietphái mạnh has been in operation since 2001. They have sầu held their position as one of the leading hosting providers in the country. This is proven by the huge variety of hosting they offer as well as quality services that you will struggle lớn find elsewhere.

Features và Ease of Use

The features they offer are extraordinary. They provide the basics, such as:

Domain name registrationSSL CertificatesThư điện tử servers/managementServer migrationBackup and cloud services

They also provide a number of hosting options geared towards specific needs và preferences with features, such as:

CMS-specific hosting: You can use a nội dung management system lượt thích WordPress or Joomla and they will provide hosting made for it.Managed hosting: Most types of hosting include at least a few managed hệ thống plans or you can add this on as a service.Virtual phone system: This is quite unique & lets you provide a low-cost VoIPhường line for your customers or clients.


Your experience using Pavietphái mạnh will depend dramatically on what type of hosting và package you choose. If you opt for a CMS-based hosting solution, you basically just need lớn create your tài khoản & you can jump straight into the trang web management from the dashboard. You can also opt for managed server services if you want fewer responsibilities.

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Pricing và Support

There are too many pricing plans và packages on Pavietphái nam khổng lồ even mention all of them – so, I’ll keep lớn those that will be of interest khổng lồ most people. There aren’t any free plans or trials but prices start at a dollar with their cost-effective sầu “Cheap” plans. You also get discounted rates if you sign up for longer periods of up khổng lồ 10 years.

Their shared hosting plans start at roughly a dollar a month. Most pricing plans for specific types of hosting depover on the amount of storage space, monthly bandwidth quota, Email & FTP accounts, databases, and extra domains. Most types of hosting provide a miễn phí SSL certificate as well. The specific types of hosting offered are:

WordPressDotVNSEO-geared hostingJoomlaJava

They also offer more affordable dedicated VPS and reseller hosting. These plans all include unlimited bandwidth, gmail accounts and FTP. accounts, & domains. There are more high-kết thúc dedicated hệ thống options that operate on top-of-the-line Hãng sản xuất Intel Xeon processors. You can also find various Cloud-based hosting options as well as colocated servers.


In general, their pricing is extremely affordable when you look at what is included. This might be due to lớn the low costs of living in Vietnam.

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Support services can be reached via either email, live chat, or phone (if you’re in Vietnam). For any type of registration or consultation services, you will need to contact them during office hours. However, technical support is available 24/7. Don’t expect the best English support. It can also take quite a while lớn get through on any channel.

Plan NameStorageBandwidthNumber of SitesPricePlan NameStorageBandwidthNumber of SitesPriceStart299.93 MB99.94 GBUnlimited$0.68More DetailsStudent512 MB14.95 GBUnlimited$1.63More DetailsPersonal768 MB30 GBUnlimited$2.39More DetailsPersonal ++1.2 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$3.27More DetailsSemiprofessional2 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$5.22More DetailsProfession3 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$7.16More DetailsEnterprise5 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$14.32More DetailsEcommerce7 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$20.33More DetailsStart299.93 MB10.24 GBUnlimited$1.17More DetailsStudent512 MB14.95 GBUnlimited$1.87More DetailsPersonal768 MB30 GBUnlimited$3.27More DetailsPersonal ++1.2 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$3.95More DetailsSemiprofessional2 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$6.11More DetailsProfession3 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$8.36More DetailsEnterprise5 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$17.05More DetailsEcommerce7 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$21.49More DetailsHost Pro 11 GB20.5 GBUnlimited$4.91More DetailsHost Pro 22 GBUnlimitedUnlimited$10.00More Details
Plan NameStorageCPURAMPricePlan NameStorageCPURAMPriceSerial Server E5000500 GB2 x 2.60GHz4 GB$53.59More DetailsSerial Server E3-1200 V3500 GB4 x 3.10GHz4 GB$156.90More DetailsSerial Server E7500500 GB2 x 2.93GHz4 GB$82.32More DetailsSerial Server E3-1200 V2500 GB4 x 3.10GHz4 GB$90.99More DetailsSerial Server E3-1200 V3500 GB4 x 3.10GHz4 GB$114.75More DetailsSerial Server E5-2600 V31000 GB6 x 2.40GHz8 GB$217.04More DetailsX3440 Server500 GB4 x 2.53GHz4 GB$70.91More DetailsSerial Server E5400500 GB4 x 2.00GHz4 GB$70.16More DetailsHãng sản xuất Intel E5600 Serial Server1000 GB4 x 2.13GHz4 GB$116.37More DetailsSerial Server V5 E3-1200500 GB4 x 3.00GHz4 GB$128.26More DetailsSerial Server E3-1200 V3500 GB4 x 3.10GHz4 GB$157.71More DetailsSerial Server E5-2600 V31000 GB6 x 2.40GHz8 GB$222.47More DetailsServer ProLiant DLđôi mươi Gen91.95 TB6 x 2.40GHz8 GB$128.39More DetailsServer ProLiant DL60 Gen9600 GB8 x 2.10GHz16 GB$189.13More DetailsSerial Server E3-1200 V3500 GB4 x 3.10GHz4 GB$157.71More DetailsSerial Server E5-2600 V31000 GB6 x 2.40GHz8 GB$222.47More Details
Plan NameStorageBandwidthCPURAMPricePlan NameStorageBandwidthCPURAMPriceCloud VPS # 050 GBUnlimited1 core2 GB$31.30More DetailsCloud VPS # 180 GBUnlimited2 cores2.5 GB$40.98More DetailsCloud VPS # 2120 GBUnlimited3 cores3 GB$47.06More DetailsCloud VPS # 3160 GBUnlimited4 cores3.5 GB$54.04More DetailsCloud VPS # 4200 GBUnlimited5 cores5 GB$64.08More DetailsCloud VPS # 5250 GBUnlimited6 cores6 GB$78.81More DetailsCloud VPS # 050 GBUnlimited1 core2 GB$34.99More DetailsCloud VPS # 180 GBUnlimited2 cores2.5 GB$44.67More DetailsCloud VPS # 21trăng tròn GBUnlimited3 cores3 GB$50.75More DetailsCloud VPS # 3160 GBUnlimited4 cores3.5 GB$57.73More DetailsCloud VPS # 4200 GBUnlimited5 cores5 GB$67.77More DetailsCloud VPS # 5250 GBUnlimited6 cores6 GB$82.50More DetailsCloud Server Pro # 160 GBUnlimited4 cores2 GB$31.48More DetailsCloud Server Pro # 21trăng tròn GBUnlimited6 cores6 GB$63.00More DetailsCloud Server Pro # 3160 GBUnlimited8 cores8 GB$85.52More DetailsCloud Server Pro # 4180 GBUnlimited10 cores10 GB$108.04More DetailsCloud Server Pro # 5200 GBUnlimited12 cores12 GB$126.05More DetailsCloud Server Pro # 6240 GBUnlimited16 cores16 GB$153.12More Details

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