Hue to lớn Hoi An by private car is the perfect choice for an exciting transfer day trip from Hue khổng lồ Hoian. As you know, the Hue khổng lồ Hoi An distance is about 140km & it takes about 4 hours to lớn get to lớn Hoi An. Nowadays, there are many different ways to lớn get lớn Hoi An from Hue such as Hue lớn Hoi An by trainHue khổng lồ Hoi An Motorbike, Hue lớn Hoi An bus, etc.

With Phong Nha Locals private oto transfer service, you are the trùm, you can decide the departure time, và places to lớn visit along the way. Especially, we will create the best condition for visiting lots of interesting tourist attractions on the way from Hue to Hoi An.

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In the morning, Phong Nha Locals driver will piông chồng you up at the khách sạn in Hue và we start the Hue lớn Hoi An by car. Depart lớn Hoi An, we would lượt thích to suggest the pick-up time from Hue is at 09 am and arrive sầu in Hoi An around at 03 pm. Firstly, we will stop to visit Cau Hai Lagoon – Tam Giang Lagoon. This lagoon system spans over 70km, making it become the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia. Giving you the beautiful scenery khổng lồ take some photographs. You should visit within đôi mươi minutes for this point.

Then we transfer lớn one of the most beautiful beaches of Viet Nam – Lang Co Beach. Different from some beaches crowded people, Lang Co is famous for its peaceful beauty. So you can take a short rest here và enjoy the fresh air and walking along the seashore to mas sa your feet after a long drive.

Lang Co Beach- Hue khổng lồ Hoi An Private Car

Hai Van Pass – Ocean & Clouds Pass is the next attraction where is well known as one of the most spectacular view. From the top of the pass, looking khổng lồ the south, the modern city of Da Nang is in your eyes và you can enjoy the vast, picturesque sea landscape of Cu Lao Cmê mẩn island; the Son Tra Peninsula shrinking insight.

Meanwhile, facing the North, you will admire both Lang Co Bay và the peaceful green Lap An lagoon. All these beauties have sầu created an enchanting natural picture. There are some U.S bunkers with bullet marks on top of the pass as well. In the winter, you can see the clouds climb over the mountain ranges. Especially, you can use your hand to touch the cloud. Don’t forget lớn take a panorama view of Da Nang City from 500m high above the sea cấp độ.

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Hai Van Pass- Hue khổng lồ Hoi An by private car

After enjoying the gorgeous natural scenery, the next stop in our trip Hue khổng lồ Hoi An private car is the Csay mê Museum. This is the place where displays antiquities of Champage authority civilization. Ctê mê Museum Da Nang opens from 7 am to lớn 5 pm, the time for visiting this museum on our trip is about 45 minutes. The world of Hinduism God will open in front of your eyes. Let’s admire all the wonderful sculpture artifacts of the Cđắm đuối People from the 4th lớn 13th centuries here.

Csi mê Sculpture Museum

Continuing trip Hue to Hoi An by car is the Marble Mountains the beautiful attraction of 5 limestones và marble mountains with sacred pagodas; remnants of the Champa civilization; fabulous caves inside for spiritual retreat and pilgrimage. Under the Marble Mountains Da Nang; there is a famous Non-Nuoc stone carving village with a history of over 200 years. We will have a chance to admire the skillful hands of artists and you also can buy some wonderful sculptures made of marbles here. This opens from 7 am lớn 5 pm, so which our trip you should visit with the estimated time is 90 minutes.

Marble Mountains- Hue to Hoi An by private car

Finally, we transfer lớn your hotel in Hoi An. We finish the transfer from Hue lớn Hoi An by Private Car. Phong Nha Locals Travel wishes you have a great day trip with us!

Trip brief: Cau Hai Lagoon – Lang Co Beach – Hai Van Pass – Cham mê Museum – Marble MountainsEntrance fees: Cđam mê Museum: 60,000vnd/pax, Marble Mountains: 40,000vnd/pax.

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