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Premier Dental 028 3925 6501  or  028 3925 6502 125 Le Thi Rieng St, Ben Tkhô hanh Ward. District 1, TP HCM, Vietphái mạnh


Restore confidencewe change livesThe team at Premier Dental is passionate about changing lives through restoring oral health & creating stunning natural smiles. We have sầu made a difference for countless customers over the past 17 years và our team is committed to helping people achieve the smile và confidence they desire.

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We arechanging lifeOur customers are well cared by the most experienced clinical team in Vietnam. Our principal doctors are pioneers and teachers in the dental profession. Dr Vo Van Tu Hien is the first internationally trained implant surgeon in Vietnam giới and has personally trained 1000"s of dentists in Vietnam over the past trăng tròn years. Dr Albert is fully qualified và trained with speciacác mục board-certifications in nước Australia and the USA in addition to lớn nearly trăng tròn years of clinical experience internationally.



As leaders và pioneers in the Vietphái mạnh dental profession, we pride ourselves on our long-standing legacy of maintaining the highest ethical standards. We only recommend & vị what is in your best interest and we respect your rights and autonomy



Our clinic was founded by the leading doctor in Vietphái mạnh and our doctors are leaders in the dental profession. Our clinical team has undergone real substantial training from top international universities and we strive sầu for the highest level of professionalism so you can receive the best outcomes & service.

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We pursue excellence in everything we vì chưng which is why we only use the highest unique imported instruments & materials. We employ international best practice standards to lớn ensure maximum safety & results. Our team focuses on chất lượng & will never compromise.

Infection control

We pride ourselves on implementing the most rigorous infection control protocols in accordance with current international gold standards. We strongly believe in stringent infection control for everyone’s safety.


The power behind a

beautiful smile

Dear Valued Guests và Friends, Have you ever looked back at an old photo or significant occasion and felt that you were unhappy with your teeth? Are you self-conscious about your smile, bad breath or missing tooth? Is your dental condition affecting your personal, work & social life? Today marks the moment I want to không lấy phí you from the burdens of your dental problems. Life is too short lớn let your dental issues affect your wellbeing!

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Our Solutionsis customized for you

We believe sầu in taking the time to lớn underst& your needs và desires first. With empathy and insight into lớn your particular issues, we combine our team’s vast clinical experience & expertise with our highest ethical standards to deliver a customised solution that is right for you.

Need help?

Thank you for your visit at Premier Dental. We welcome you to enquire about any of our services và our team will be more than happy khổng lồ advise which treatment choices are appropriate for you.

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Implant Dentistry

Modern dental restoration method, bringing the most comprehensive effectiveness today, applied when missing one or more teeth, including front teeth, molars or molars...

Periodontal Dentistry

Treatment of gum diseases such as bleeding gums, swollen gums, gum grafting surgery, limiting alveolar bone loss...

General Dentistry

Take care of basic oral health & treat common oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, toothabít due lớn pulpits, tooth decay that needs extraction.

Aesthetic Dentistry và Prosthodontics

Overcome defects of teeth such as gaping teeth, decayed or chipped teeth... or have cosmetic problems such as crooked teeth, crooked teeth, dullness...

Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth removalapicoectomy và cyst removal bone preservation teeth extraction technique

Orthodontics Dentistry

Overcoming & rearranging the status of overbite, underbite, excessive sầu, misaligned teeth... helps to lớn bring a confident smile