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The recordings are filled with background sonic richness, including engine noise, compressors, electrical transformer drones, motorboats và the sound of waves.
For this expedition, we did not make nails, gather wood or build our own brigantines, but used the local"s small carved-trunk motorboats và the available waterway transportation.
I see visions not only of sailors in motorboats but of commandos and paratroopers if this sort of comparison goes on.
We have given careful thought khổng lồ the alternatives; to lớn motorboats, aircraft, helicopters, and hovercraft.
Others lượt thích the motorboats, jet-skis & noisy forms of water sports should be excluded from national parks.
There is a receipt which comes in powder form which can be dispersed from a motorboat, & all the pike will be dead in about two days.
Unfortunately on several, if not numerous, occasions both have sầu been out of service và an ordinary motorboat has had khổng lồ be put on which can carry passengers only.
The park provides launch facilities for motorboats & canoes, and rents out non-motorized watercraft.

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a circular or oval area of ground around which rows of seats are arranged on a steep slope, for watching plays, sports, etc. outside

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