Mallet là gì

nounwooden hammer with a short handle & a long head; long-handled wooden hammer used to strike a ball in Croquet or Polo
Dưới đó là các mẫu câu gồm cất tự "mallet|mallets", vào bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo gần như mẫu mã câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống buộc phải đặt câu với tự mallet|mallets, hoặc xem thêm ngữ chình họa thực hiện tự mallet|mallets vào cỗ trường đoản cú điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. A good whachồng with the mallet.

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2. Her right hvà for the workman’s mallet.

3. Joe, a mallet và some irons.

4. A small mallet used by auctioneers.

5. Take the plough thethe mallet the lute.

6. From outside came another quiông chồng whack of the mallet.

7. Slight tapping with a mallet may be required.

8. In similar fashion, mallets are used today to lớn hotline monks lớn prayer.

9. In similar fashion, mallets ( in foreground ) are used today lớn Call monks to lớn prayer.

10. Hold this mallet half moon shape, not hold tightly.

11. Use a mallet lớn hammer in the tent pegs.

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12. Their tools included saws, axes, chisels, adzes, wooden mallets, stone polishers and bow drills.

13. See that little guy on the horse with the mallet?

14. Shouldn"t I have a gun or an iron mallet or something?

15. Multifunction tools for angling, fishing scissors, fishing pliers, fish priests, eel mallets, pike gags

16. Workers frequently tattoo the animals with ID numbers, by hitting them with metal spike mallets.

17. They go using mallets & chisels, and ten to lớn one they"d extend the fracture line.

18. He hit the peg mightily on the top with a mallet.

19. The attacks, which involved a mallet & knife, began in December 2010.

20. He hits the bull with the iron mallet and the bull bellows.

21. Change inkhổng lồ a skateboard, broom, mallet, cannon, flyswatter, propeller beanie & a cloud.

22. Objective To develop a new method for the early treatment of mallet finger.

23. Those boys have been playing with a short mallet since they were two.

24. Drop that mallet & bring the thrill of the arcade everywhere with EA Air Hockey!

25. The womenfolk of a families want is also, hurriedly mallet out ear khổng lồ listen khổng lồ.