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Round Trips from Saigon with Mekong Eyes

Experience the unique Mekong Delta the relaxing way: The 2-day và 3-day tours of Mekong Eyes Cruises start và over in Saigon or Can Tho. Visit the famous floating markets, enjoy the lush vegation & experience the vibrant life in the Delta on side excursion and from aboard our luxurious river cruisers.

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Round trips from Saigon



Tours from Saigon to Phu Quoc with Mekong Eyes

You are planning a stay on the holiday isl& of Phu Quoc? Why not travel overlvà through the Mekong Delta? Mekong Eyes Cruises suggests you some interesting itineraries which not only bring you khổng lồ your holiday destination but also show you around the scenic Mekong Delta.

Tours from Saigon lớn Phu Qouc


From Saigon to Phnom Penh or Angkor Wat with Mekong Eyes

The Mekong Delta is the bridge between Saigon and Phnom Penh. Travel overl& from Saigon to lớn Cambodia with Mekong Eyes Cruises - mostly by boat, the preferred means of transport along the Mekong. We offer a 3-day tour plus extensions. You can also travel from Cambodia khổng lồ Saigon. 

Saigon to lớn Phnom Penh or Angkor Wat

Long Xuyen - An Giang province

Long Xuyen is the second largest city in the Mekong delta, the capital of An Giang province and at the same time the center for politics, economy và culture. There are many lively markets, which are quite interesting for visitors. In the evening lighted streets invite for an extensive sầu walk. From the spacious promenade you will have a nice view at the colorful, numerous floating villages, under which fish is cultivated. There is also a large, very interesting floating market with the impressive market hall of Long Xuyen in the background. In Long Xuyen you can also find the largest Catholic church in the delta, which was built during the war (1965 - 1973). Other (few) sights are the Chinese community hall My Phuoc, the new An Giang-museum, a Cao Dai temple và a crocodile farm.

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Until 1939 Long Xuyen has been the headquarter of the 1939 founded Hoa Hao sect, which had its own army. After the assassination of the founder in 1947 the sect was soon disbanded.

On the other side of the town is the Tiger Isl& Ho Oc, which is the trang chính lớn Ton Duc Thang, successor of the former President Ho Chi Minc. There are several other interesting places to visit in the vicinity of Long Xuyen, such as handicraft villages for the production of noodles, rice mats & mushrooms.

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Cthua lớn the town you can find the archaeological site of Oc Eo, which was probably an important port town in the Kingdom of Funan. Funan dominated the Mekong delta between the first & seventh centuries. Most of the excavations, however, were brought lớn the museums in Can Tho và Saigon. But you can find some pieces as well in the local museum in Long Xuyen.

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