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Our products are focusing on the online truyền thông business industry. Our mission is lớn bring people, information, và services closer together by making use of AI Technology. We also have many interesting projects specified for AI & Block-chains. You will have sầu a great chance to:

- Working in a very Silibé Valley start-up style with a professional, international environment;

- Developing your career in a famous product company & working with the lachạy thử technologies in the world;

- Competitive salary with ‘WOW’ benefits.

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Our mission is to lớn bring people, information & services closer together.

LINE is your daily life companion – Engaging the world with you.

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LINE Style

LINE is a company which dreams of the best services in the world, và boldly responds to lớn any & all challenges along the way. Every top service we dream of has one big thing in common: the WOW factor.

LINE’s many achievements và continuing commitment khổng lồ finding new challenges are based on LINE"s DNA & its way of working. We hotline these LINE STYLE.


The "wows" we want to create cannot be achieved by simply being innovative sầu. In order lớn keep taking on new challenges và develop & create new value, we must observe sầu the rules of society at large, respect those around us, và conduct our actions with transparency.


Recognizing diversity—respecting và trusting each other


Maintaining humility and working together with society & partners as one


Being fair, sound, & honest—transparency và sincerity in how we engage with the world

Our Benefits


Macbook Pro


Premium Healthcare Package


Oversea training business trip & Workcửa hàng

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