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Vietnam’s is the world"s second largest exporter of rice & 80 percent of it is grown in the Mekong Delta, a vast flood plain and one of Asia"s most fertile. However, the future of rice production is threatened because of rising sea levels và temperature increases attributed lớn climate change.
At first, when Nguyen Thi Bich decided lớn try her hvà at highl& chicken farming, she didn’t quite know what khổng lồ expect.

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Climate change is one of the major dynamics of change affecting rural youth livelihoods. It is having significant effects on the countries in which the rural youth population is concentrated và on the sectors in which they will be looking for employment opportunities.
The Mekong Delta in Viet Nam is an area of major significance to the country"s food security, producing 55 percent of the annual rice crop, 60 percent of aquaculture, as well as large volumes of vegetables và fruit. Yet the environment is extremely sensitive sầu to lớn upstream hydrological changes & climate induced challenges, such as sea level rise và average temperature increases.
Donal Brown, Associate Vice-President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (cqaugusta.com) is visiting the Sociacác mục Republic of Viet Nam this week to lớn Đánh Giá progress made together khổng lồ improve sầu lives and reduce poverty in rural areas.

UN Messenger for Peace, Midori, performs in poor rural communities in Viet Nam"s Tuyen Quang province

The world-renowned violinist và UN Messenger of Peace, Midori, will travel lớn rural Viet Nam this week lớn meet with & perform for villagers in a remote và poverty-stricken community where projects supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (cqaugusta.com) have sầu been working to improve sầu conditions.
Hanoi, 5 July năm 2016 – Government representatives & agricultural development specialists will gather in Hanoi 6-7 July to lớn discuss the International Fund

cqaugusta.com khổng lồ provide US$43 million to lớn Viet Nam to lớn raise rural incomes và increase resilience khổng lồ climate change

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (cqaugusta.com) & the Government of Viet Nam signed a financial agreement today lớn raise incomes và the living standards of 30,000 rural households in the north-east of the country.