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On March 18, the UNESCO, in collaboration with the Faculty of Design & Art (FADA) of Hoa Sen University (HSU), officially announced the commencement of its intensive course on the art of storytelling, titled “Show don’t tell”.

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17.01.2021 Filmmaking – The role of production thiết kế in cinema

The sự kiện brought about some of the most intriguing backstage stories of filmmaking, allowing students to get to know the authentic experience of those taking responsibilities in creating the visual storytelling in films and movies.


22.12.20đôi mươi The 'Angels Sing' Christmas Choir Night

Amidst the jolly atmosphere of Christmas, the Faculty of Design and Art of Hoa Sen University (HSU) decided khổng lồ add its own touch by hosting the Angels Sing choir night on December 18, 20đôi mươi which attracted a lot of participants.


23.11.2020 Sparkle of the Past - a cross between conventional and contemporary values

The Fashion Design Department - Faculty of Design & Art, Hoa Sen University và Designer Thuy Nguyen co-organised the seminar named "Sparkle of the Past”.


19.11.20đôi mươi CIRCLE OF CONNECTION - A music night dedicated lớn the Central Viet Nam

For the past months, the devastating storms wreaking havoc has turned Vietnamese attention towards the unyielding central l& of Viet Nam. With the hope of spreading the spirit of love sầu to the community & sharing a fraction of the difficulties facing dwellers of the Central Viet Nam, the Faculty of Design & Art - Hoa Sen University organised a fund-raising concert named "VÒNG TRÒN KẾT NỐI” - "CIRCLE OF CONNECTION" featuring performances from Dream Melody Band (DM Band).

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06.10.20trăng tròn Vietnamese Lacquer: from handicraft to lớn painting

For hundreds of years, lacquer has been a commonly used material in Vietnamese paintings. The technique of combining enigmatic colours of the traditional lacquer with eggshells, gold, silver, oyster shells, etc. has created a truly shimmering & fanciful beauty which famous artists lượt thích Nguyen Gia Tri, Pmê man Hau, etc. cleverly adopted in their artworks.

22.09.20trăng tròn First publication & distribution of two books of Faculty of Design và Art

On September 18th, 20trăng tròn at the Library of Hoa Sen University (HSU) at HSU Main Campus, the Faculty of Design và Art held the book launch for 02 publications, namely the “Graduation Lookbook 2020” và “The 10-year journey of passion and creativity”. In lieu of internal use only, these are the first publications of the Faculty, in collaboration with the HSU Press - Library, to lớn be published and distributed nationwide.

15.09.2020 Environmental design: 2+2 joint degree program between Hoa Sen University and Hawai’i University

The online talk session about “Environmental design” broadcast on the fanpage of Hoa Sen University on September 9th captured the attention of parents and students interested in the field. The Environmental Design and Management major was formed as a new orientation of the Natural Resources and Environment Management department.

24.08.20đôi mươi Graphic kiến thiết Graduation Project: diversity, vibrancy và high applicability

Most graduation projects made by students of Graphic thiết kế department of Hoa Sen University demonstrated the variety of graphic’s colors with high applicability which received appreciation from the Thesis council, in which 80% of the projects scored fair and over. These projects determined their personal branding; distinct presentation idea, kiến thiết idea, objectives & strategies.

17.08.20trăng tròn HSU launches the Graduation Exhibition 20đôi mươi in Design & Art

Despite the rather exceptional case of the academic year 2019-20trăng tròn due to the impact of COVID 19, a lot of Graduation projects made by students of Hoa Sen University still received the committee"s remark as being excellent và creative.

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