Grey Area Là Gì

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In the gray area between retìm kiếm & chất lượng improvement, consent to lớn use already existing personal health information is often an important issue.
The light gray area gives the additional risk of doing harm by inference for a new study effect, exchangeable with studies performed.
There is a "gray area" that includes procedures for which adequate evidence from clinical trials is not available.
The shaded gray area indicates the region within which spatial aliasing occurs- when gratings can be detected but not reliably identified.
For each evaluative sầu criterion, there is a gray area between "acceptable" and "unacceptable" classifications that needs to lớn be clarified.
The dark gray area gives the probability that an early invasive treatment strategy is harmful compared with an early conservative treatment strategy based on the original studies.
Lying somewhere in a gray area are strips that still have sầu an association with their original author but receive sầu significant assistance from others.
Some luminophores, however, can not be classified as being exclusively fluorophores or phosphors và exist in the gray area in between.
As with game shows, a gray area exists between such reality television shows and more conventional formats.
This has allowed some parents a gray area as khổng lồ which school district they are to lớn sover their children.

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