Top 5 trang web, diễn đàn, mạng xã hội cho glbt tại việt nam

Gay dating is a fabulous thing, many gay dating sites và matchmakers will offer their services to lớn help people connect and find their soulmates or someone lớn have fun from time to time.

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Free gay dating sites might not sound as promising as those with a paid subscription might, but you’d be surprised that some of them can compete with some of the best gay dating sites on the market.

The year 2021 brings lots more excitement lớn the dating game, and the competition between the sites keeps on heating up.New members keep on registering, và it’s up khổng lồ the dating sites khổng lồ lure them onlớn their platforms with the best offer that will guarantee a successful match khổng lồ all willing to sign up for their services.

To give sầu you a better insight, & help you in your search for someone to lớn tóm tắt precious moments with, here’s our danh sách of the top 10 gay dating sites và matchmakers worth trying in 2021.

1. is one of the biggest names in the gay dating industry, with around a hundred million members worldwide. The matchmaker has been around for quite some time, & it has grown into lớn an exclusive sầu place where many single men can find their soulmates or couples to find others lớn mô tả their intimate moments.

The company responsible for the creation of is Various, Inc. that’s also a creator of one of the best dating sites around, AdultFriendFinder. For a site that’s been around since 1996, stands the chạy thử of time và keeps on delivering on its promises. It connects people with the same interests and allowing them lớn nói qua unforgettable moments.

This gay dating site has a huge member base of gay men or women ready khổng lồ cốt truyện their thoughts & explicit material, and it’s a guarantee you’ll find someone that will fit your taste.

However, to lớn get all the features unlocked, you’ll need to invest money by paying a monthly subscription from $34.95 per month or $14.95 for twelve months.


If you ever got interested in dating sites, there’s no way you haven’t heard of that has been around since 2000 and is still relevant now in 2021. is a site where all gay men or women can find their soulmates as most of the users clayên they’re registered to find someone with whom they can tóm tắt their life.

Everyone interested in finding their true love sầu will find a perfect place for matching with people sharing the same interests, which later can lead to lớn a happily ever after.

The good side of is that it offers a free downloadable app to lớn its members that will make browsing & matching even more practical & simplified.

Anyone can comfortably browse the site on their phones & use all the features that the matchmaker offers. Even if you’re commuting khổng lồ work và baông xã, the app will be precious lớn kill some time & chat with other gay members.

Just as the previous site on our danh sách, needs a subscription, and the lowest price for a premium plan starts at 35.90 for one month.


As we mentioned above sầu, không tính tiền gay dating sites can be as good as those that you need a premium subscription to use all available features. is one of the best examples of a gay dating site that’s completely miễn phí to use for all its members. “How do they manage to lớn vày that?”, you might ask.Well, makes all the revenue from the ads và banner space sold on their site. It’s a quality way of handling their finances, & others could look up to lớn this example.

Since the launch baông chồng in 2003, accumulated over six million members in the US, and the numbers surged following the recent growth of the matchmaker’s popularity.

Anyone looking to lớn try their luông chồng finding their soulmate should give sầu this gay dating site a try, as it won’t cost them anything to bởi so.


Let’s mention another không tính phí matchmaker where you can forget about using your credit thẻ và enjoy all the features this gay dating site has to lớn offer. is one of the best gay dating sites on the uprise in recent years, and many members switch using it solely for meeting new gay men không tính phí of charge.

For all those who want khổng lồ become a thành viên of a fast-growing community, is a perfect place where you can meet other people with the same interests & meet the man or women of their lives.

The site has members from all sides of the world, and you can indulge in adventures with a solo man or with registered couples seeking others to share their bed và intimacy.

We recommend trying this matchmaker as many can find happiness in some of the simplest places on the planet- & is just that.

5. Grindr

Grindr is one of the most active domains aước ao the best gay dating sites, with millions of users sharing more than two hundred million messages daily.

Slowly, it became one of the leading dating sites for all gay people who love sầu sharing their moments with others in a virtual world.

One of the features that separate Grindr from its competitors is that members can state their health on their protệp tin and state if they’re HIV positive or not.

In the gay community, HIV is a big issue, và many would love sầu khổng lồ know what they’re getting into before having an intimacy that could lead to the transmission of disease.

Grindr revolutionized this option, & it has been a valuable asset to them ever since.

However, to use all the premium features of Grindr, you would have sầu to lớn pay a subscription starting at $13.00 per month for a basic package.

6. Taimi

Taingươi offers a specialized tiện ích for the LGTB community that can match even the loneliest people và allows them to experience precious moments of passion.

Most of the members on this ứng dụng come from the US, & anyone looking lớn find their soulmate within the states can register their protệp tin for không tính tiền on Taimày & start meeting new gay people.

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Compared to other matchmakers on this menu, younger members dominate the population on Taimày, and if you belong to a younger crowd, you won’t have sầu an issue finding others that will be ready khổng lồ meet.

Taimi offers many great features that you don’t have sầu to spkết thúc any money to use, but the best of them will cost you a monthly subscription that’s quite expensive.

If you decide lớn pay for a one-month subscription, the pleasure will cost you $41.99 per month, but if you go for a twelve-month subscription, it will cost $6.00 per month.


If you watch TV often, there’s no way that you could miss on many commercials advertising as one of the best dating sites that match gay men và women alike. is one of the most advertised sites in the US, with millions of members ready to lớn mingle and experience an adventure of a lifetime.

If you’re single & ready to lớn mingle, is a perfect place where you can find people with the same interests and connect with them in a matter of minutes.

To register on this matchmaker và get the chance khổng lồ meet new people, it will take only a few minutes to lớn go through a sign-up process, & you get access khổng lồ a 100% gay populated site.

A positive side of this gay dating site is that it offers a three-month không tính phí subscription, where you can demo the site’s full features before spending any cash.

A premium trương mục compared lớn a không tính phí one will give you access to lớn a much better experience, & it’s great to get lớn know what you’ll be getting when upgrading your account.

Subscription to lớn this site is on the expensive side, and it costs $24.98 per month for the cheapest package.

8. Scruff

We’re getting cthua kém lớn the end of our list, but it doesn’t mean that the next couple of sites are worse than the previous ones.

On the contrary, Scruff is a gay dating app that matches anything mentioned above sầu & competes with some of the best gay dating sites in the industry.

Scruff dominates with the gay men looking for others to engage in long-term relationships they’ll remember until the rest of their lives.

Most of the members on this matchmaker come from the US- connecting khổng lồ someone cthua kém by is made possible by allowing the app lớn traông xã their location.

By connecting members that are in the same area, the match success rate is much higher than with any other site or app without this feature.

The price of premium access is in an average range, và it will cost $14.99 per month lớn get started.

9. Hornet

Hornet is one of the medium-range gay dating sites with over four million active members that tìm kiếm for their happiness online.

For all those inexperienced in online dating, Hornet is a perfect matchmaker to get used to lớn the mechanics & features of any serious gay dating site.

Hornet claims that they’re not just an ordinary dating site, but more lượt thích a gay social network where members can tóm tắt their experiences & get lớn know each other before taking steps lớn meet each other.

Verification that this site makes every member go through prevents nhái accounts from registering & keeps the members safe from unwanted security breaches.

Hornet is not a không tính phí matchmaker. Even though you can use some of the features không tính tiền of charge, it’s not even cđại bại lớn what you’ll get if you tăng cấp lớn a premium membership.

The basic package costs $9.99 per month, và it will unlock most of the features.

10. Gaydar

The last on our các mục, but not least, is a well-known site that offers its services through a mobile ứng dụng downloadable khổng lồ both Android & iOS.

Gaydar has one of the best interfaces that even those without computer skills can learn lớn use rather quickly.

Gaydar also uses the current location of the members và connects them based on the distance between them. Based on the distance between the members và their preferences, the matchmaker will connect them & recommend them lớn each other.It guarantees that most recommendations will not be in vain & that everyone can make the most out of them.

We recommend this site primarily based on many positive sầu reviews that tell a story of a site that changed their lives by bringing a dose of excitement.

Gaydar is one of the cheapest sites that require a monthly subscription because the basic package costs $7.99 per month.


Online gay dating sites và matchmakers gain a lot of popularity in recent years, and we can only expect only great things to happen shortly.

With the incline of new members joining daily, online dating sites did a great job following up on high demvà and providing nội dung that can satisfy everyone’s taste.

We’re eager khổng lồ see what will happen in the future & other great features we can expect from online dating sites.