The GTA franchise has courted controversy multiple times during its run in the gaming industry.The games have sầu drawn the ire for the extreme amounts of violence as well as other elements.

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The GTA franchise has been a hotbed of controversy for as long as it has existed. It not only invokes the ire of a section of the audience but it also goes the extra mile to lớn provoke a svào reaction.

The GTA franchise, as a result, is one of the most widely debated entertainment properties in the history of video clip games. Rockstar Games, while still in their infancy, broke onto the scene with Grvà Theft Auto lớn III và sent parent groups và news channels running helter-skelter.

Grand Theft Aulớn III terrified the masses with its seemingly provocative sầu and violent themes. However, the game would appear tame by today"s standards, & Rockstar Games are no longer the outliers & underdogs but are now giants of the gaming industry.

Here are some countries that didn"t take too kindly to the franchise"s nội dung và removed some of the games from the stores or outright banned them.

Countries in which GTA was banned/censored

1) Australia


nước Australia has had a storied history of banning certain video clip games, mostly due their content. The GTA franchise has been banned và re-released in edited versions multiple times in the country. Most famously, GTA III was re-released as recently as 2019.

Gr& Theft Auto III drew the ire of the Australian government with its inclusion of a gameplay element that allowed the player to lớn solicit the services of prostitutes. The game was initially released in its original size but after pressure from both the truyền thông media & parents" groups, the game was banned và then re-released without the feature and with an MA15+ rating.

The abysmal portrayal of women and the violence against women contributed heavily to the game being banned in the country. The game was then re-released in 2019, re-instigating the gameplay element with an MA18+ rating.

2) Germany

Germany has also had a long history with the GTA franchise but has since relaxed its stance regarding the ban of games from the series. A total of 4 games from the franchise, namely: Vice City, Vice City Stories, Liberty City Stories và San Andreas, had been banned at one point in time.

The games were banned for their content and "high-impact gory violence" which, although true, isn"t exclusive lớn the GTA franchise in video clip gaming. The ban on the games were lifted in 2012 after multiple iterations were developed & some content was censored.

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3) Multiple countries banning the Casino

In GTA Online, Rockstar Games introduced a brand-new update that would add a Casino in Los Santos. The Diamond Casino và Resort would allow players khổng lồ engage in a number of gambling activities, including betting on horse races.

This wasn"t received favourably by a number of countries, resulting in over 50 countries banning GTA Online. The list of countries that banned the game included Vương Quốc của nụ cười, Venezuela, Pakistung, South Africa và Argentimãng cầu.

While some countries have sầu relaxed their stance, some have remained adamant over the restriction of gambling in any size in đoạn phim games. Famously, microtransactions were deemed as gambling by a number of countries.

4) the USA

This was more of a removal than a ban, & it concerns the infamous Hot Coffee Mod in GTA San Andreas. On July đôi mươi. 2005, the production of GTA San Andreas was suspended due to lớn the release of the Hot Coffee Mod khổng lồ the public.

The mod essentially unearthed game files hidden deep within the game code that unlocked a mini-game that contained graphic nội dung. The game was then removed from stores & was slapped with an "AO" rating, which is a huge blow for GTA San Andreas" sales.

Rockstar quickly sought to fix the issue by releasing a patch that would essentially remove sầu the game files altogether. However, many people have sầu questioned why the company didn"t remove the content altogether before release.

5) Japan

nhật bản had previously been extremely aggressive sầu in its stance against the depiction of nuclear warfare due khổng lồ the historic events that took place in the country. It has also been strongly against the presence of extreme violence in video clip games.

GTA V was edited & censored heavily for it to be deemed fit for release in the country. The edited nội dung was restricted only khổng lồ the Japanese localised versions of the game.

Much of the blood effects và gore were removed from the game, resulting in an extremely sanitised version of Grand Theft Aukhổng lồ.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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