Fluctuate Là Gì

A:It is used for economic situations và weather. The stock market fluctuates too much for me lớn invest. The weather fluctuated from hot lớn cold all day.

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A:I fluctuate between hot & cold on a regular basis She fluctuates between happy và sad all day long. When the temperature fluctuates, turn it off.
A:During the crisis, oil prices fluctuatedTemperatures can fluctuate by as much as 10 degreesMy mood seems to fluctuate from day to day

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A:"The results fluctuate.""I fluctuate between these two choices; I just can not decide!""The weather keeps fluctuating between sunny and rainy."
NuclearWasteJPhường : In comtháng usage there seems not lớn be a real difference between them; they seem synonyms even if fluctuate is used way more often than undulate. The difference is in the root meaning each of the two verbs has. Both verbs are talking about a wave sầu, but while fluctuate means a travelling wave, which you see if your viewpoint is focused on the crest of a wave looked against the medium in which it propagates, lượt thích the small waves moving in a pond as a result of a stone you tossed in it, instead undulate means the up & down movement you see when you are staring at a fixed point on a rough liquid surface, lượt thích when you stare at the same point on the surface of the sea, which moves up và down all the time. But in common usage habits have that the verb fluctuate cannibalized the meaning of the verb undulate, while keeping its own: for example you say "the $ exchange rate fluctuates", although the exchange rate doesn"t really move through a medium, unless you think of it as the time that passes, instead the $ exchange rate goes up & down, so in the root meaning you should say "the $ exchange rate undulates", but notoàn thân talks like that. Then you say "the little waves fluctuated across the pond", which abides both the original and the current usage of fluctuate lớn mean the movement through a space. Here saying "the little waves undulated in the pond" wouldn"t give the idea of what you are really looking at, a movement, so "the little waves undulated in the pond" is wrong in that it"s not what you are really seeing. And again you say "the sea heavily fluctuated in the storm", even though you don"t really sense something travelling, but something going up & down, so, in the original use, you should say "the sea heavily undulated in the storm", yet again nobody says that.
A:Fluctuate > cause to lớn fluctuate or move sầu in a wavelike patternChange > cause to change; make different; cause a transformation;