I’m getting the below error in the functional component of the ReactJs application.

it’s giving this error

Expected an assignment or function Hotline and instead saw an expression no-unused-expressions

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I wanted to use curly braces I had lớn add thereturntừ khoá, like so:

If You’re using JSX inside a function with curly braces you need to lớn modify it to parenthesis.

Wrong Code:

return =>


; );Correct Code

//Change Curly Brace To Paranthesis change lớn => ()return => (


; ));Class Component ExampleHere is the class component example, deeply observe sầu the return statement of the class component

import React from 'react';class Counter extends React.Component state = count: 0, ; formatCount() const count = this.state; // use a return statement here, it is a importent, return count === 0 ? 'Zero' : count; render() return( this.formatCount() Increment ); export default Counter;

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Instead of

return ( this.formatCount() Increment )Use Below Code

return( this.formatCount() Increment )Basically use brace“(“in the same line of return like“return(“. It will fix this issue


In the above article, we underst& that a very comtháng lambda syntax typo mistakes lead lớn a difficult error, without understanding the phản hồi javascript syntax may lead khổng lồ such types of issues. So, I hope you find them helpful.


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