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drug /drʌg/ danh từ thuốc, dược phẩm thuốc ngủ, thuốc mê man, ma tuý hàng ế thừa ((cũng) drug in (on) the market) ngoại đụng từ trộn dung dịch ngủ vào, pha dung dịch mê say vào; trộn dung dịch độc vào (đồ uống...) mang lại uống thuốc; mang đến uống thuốc; ngủ, tiến công thuốc si mê, mang lại hít hóa học ma tuý; cho uống thuốc độc kích đam mê (ngựa thi) bởi thuốc nội hễ từ uống thuốc ngủ, hkhông nhiều thuốc đắm đuối, nghiện nay thuốc ngủ, nghiện nay dung dịch mê mệt, nghiện ma tuý ngán mứa ra
dược phẩmLĩnh vực: y họcchất ma túythuốcdrug abuse: sự sử dụng quá thuốcdrug allergy: không thích hợp thuốcdrug alopecia: rụng lông, tóc vày thuốcdrug prophylaxis: chống dịch bởi thuốcdrug resistance: kháng thuốcdrug tolerance: hấp phụ thuốcsulfa drug: thuốc sunfasulfa drug: dung dịch sunphasulpha drug: thuốc sunphasultrộn drug: dung dịch sunfadrug addictiontriệu chứng nghiện nay hóa học ô nhiễm và độc hại, ma túy



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Từ điển Collocation

drug noun

1 substance used as a medicine

ADJ. powerful, svào | modern, new | wonder They"re hailing it as the new wonder drug. | sedative sầu | anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial, etc. | prescription You used to be able lớn buy this medicine over the counter, but it is now a prescription drug.

QUANT. course, dose

VERB + DRUG be on, take Are you taking any other drugs at present? | prescribe (sb), put sb on The doctor put me on anti-inflammatory drugs. | give sầu sb, treat sb with | administer, give sầu sb The nurses came round to lớn give the patients their drugs. | develop new drugs that have sầu been developed recently | be resistant khổng lồ, not respond to Some infections are now resistant lớn drugs.

DRUG + VERB cure sth, help sth, treat sth drugs that help the growth of skin tissue

DRUG + NOUN company

PREPhường. ~ against a powerful drug against tuberculosis | ~ for He"s taking drugs for depression.

2 illegal substance

ADJ. illegal | addictive sầu, hallucinogenic | dangerous, hard heroin và other hard drugs | soft (= not considered very dangerous) Many addicts start on soft drugs, such as cannabis. | designer (= artificially produced) She took a tablet of the designer drug Ecstasy.

VERB + DRUG inject (See note for more verbs.)

DRUG + NOUN baron, pusher | cartel | misuse | drug/drugs charges, offence | squad | war the lakiểm tra moves in the drug war (See note for more nouns.)

PHRASES drink và drugs the dangers of drink and drugs More information about DRUG
(informal), experiment with, take, try, use ~ The minister confessed lớn having experimented with cannabis in her youth.

be/get high on ~ They committed the crime while high on drugs.

be addicted lớn, be dependent on, be/get hooked on, be on (informal)~ He seemed to be on acid most of the time.

be/come off ~ He"s tried several times to lớn come off cocaine.

possess ~ arrested on charges of possessing narcotics

khuyễn mãi giảm giá (in), sell, smuggle, supply, traffic (in) ~The country imposes the death penalty for trafficking in marijuana.

seize ~ The heroin seized has an estimated street value of £600 000.

~ abuse, addiction, consumption, use Cannabis consumption has increased sharply.

~ habit, problem She allegedly has a $500-a-day coke habit.

~ overdose Heroin overdose is a major cause of death amuốn heroin users.

~ addict, user~ dealer, trafficker, smuggler~ production, smuggling, trade, trafficking The authorities have sầu been accused of active sầu involvement in the narcotics trade.

addiction to lớn, dependence on, use of ~ the use of cocaine

trade in ~ measures lớn combat the trade in narcotics

Từ điển WordNet


a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic


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English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

drugs|drugged|druggingsyn.: deaden knoông xã out medicine narcotic numb potion

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