Danang to hoi an vietnam

When traveling from Danang to Hoi An, in Vietnam giới, there are a few options for you to get from Da Nang khổng lồ Hoi An. Those options are private car, xe taxi, bus or, if you are really adventurous, you can rent a motorxe đạp. Whilst Uber & Grab (a local type Uber company) are available in the area, chances are your ride won’t get accepted, so it is best not to depover on one of those options.

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How far is Danang from Hoi An

Danang is around 40km from Hoi An. Depending on your mode of transport, travel time could be anywhere from 30 min khổng lồ 90 min.

Getting from Danang khổng lồ Hoi An FAQ

Hoi An Old Town

1. How to lớn Get to Hoi An

The easiest way lớn get to Hoi An from other destinations in Vietphái mạnh is via plane or train. The closest airport to lớn Hoi An is Da Nang. 

We prefer khổng lồ fly, as most flights lớn Hoi An around an hour duration; whilst train rides can take 15 hours.

2. What is the easiest way to lớn get from Da Nang train station to Hoi An?

The easiest way to grab a Danang khổng lồ Hoi An transfer from the train station is either via private car transfer or via a taxi. 

It is pretty hard khổng lồ get to the buses from the train station, so if you prefer not lớn catch a taxi (they are crazy drivers!) it would be best khổng lồ pre-organize your transfer.

You could either do this through your khách sạn or if you have sầu a bit of money khổng lồ splurge out on, we absolutely LOVE the comfort of Blacklane Transfers. 

Comfy, air-conditioned cars và their drivers always drive sầu carefully!

3. What is the easiest way khổng lồ transfer from Danang airport to lớn Hoi An?

If you are wondering how lớn get from Danang airport lớn Hoi An, here are the easiest solutions for you. 

You could easily grab a Danang airport xe taxi as you leave the airport. Taxi drivers in Vietphái mạnh are pretty fast and crazy drivers (and often there are no seat belts), so we prefer lớn organize our transfers with tourist companies as we know that they drive slower và more carefully.

Our recommended mode of transport from Danang to lớn Hoi An is via the Hoi An Express Shuttle Bus.

How to get from Danang to lớn Hoi An

Below you will a detailed guide on lớn get from Da Nang to Hoi An.

Option 1: By Bus (Most Popular Method)

There are three different ways lớn get from Danang to Hoi An. The first is the Hoi An Express Shuttle Bus. 

This one is popular if you are arriving at the airport. 

If you have sầu been staying in Da Nang đô thị, it would be easier to lớn either catch the Sinc Tourist Bus or to simply hop on the public bus. 

Please find more info on each of these below.

Hoi An Express Shuttle Bus

Journey Time: 60 Min

Perfect For: Those who arrive sầu at the airport

Cost involved: US $6

Hoi An Express Shuttle Bus

The Hoi An Express bus from Danang Airport khổng lồ Hoi An is one of the most popular ways. The bus is very affordable & the drivers drive sầu safely.

Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport upon arrival & will drop you off at your khách sạn. The bus is comfortable và air-conditioned. They have different sized vehicles khổng lồ suit your needs or you could even choose khổng lồ use their shared vans. 

This is our preferred way lớn get from the airport khổng lồ Hoi An, as well as from Hoi An to Danang.

The Sihn Tourist Transfer Bus

Journey Time: 90 MinCost involved: US $6

Perfect for: Those who are already in Da Nang city

The Sihn Tourist

This bus leaves from a Da Nang bus station located at 16, 3 Thang 2, Thuan Phuoc, Hai Chau, Thành Phố Đà Nẵng. So please kiểm tra khổng lồ see how far away the location is from your chosen Da Nang accommodation.

This Danang to Hoi An bus is designed for tourists & only costs a fraction more than the public bus. 

I wouldn’t even think twice about the extra $5 khổng lồ have air conditioning and a comfy seat for the 1.30hr bus ride ahead. Plus it has storage space for all your luggage.

Public Bus

Journey Time: 70 – 80 MinCost involved: US $1

To encourage tourists lớn visit Da Nang, the government launched a direct bus from Danang khổng lồ Hoi An – Bus #1 – for just 18000 VND ($1) – 30 0000 VND (with luggage). Although the bus is the cheapest travel option, it will take a bit longer, 70 lớn 80 minutes to get to lớn Hoi An.

Bus services start at 5:30 in the morning & stop operating at 18:00, with a frequency of 1 bus every trăng tròn minutes. (This depends on the season, expect the bus lớn operate less frequently during low or shoulder season).

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For your convenience, you can use Google Maps và its schedule explorer khổng lồ pinpoint the nearest bus stop near your stay and check out the Danang khổng lồ Hoi An bus timetable.

The ticket for this Da Nang-Hoi An bus can be easily purchased on the bus but make sure to lớn pay the right price: 18000 VND (1$).

If you are arriving from the airport this option will be less convenient because the nearest bus stop is around 3km away. It can also be a pain if you have sầu plenty of luggage for you, but this option works well for backpackers.

Option 2: Private Car Transfer

Journey Time: 45 min +

Cost involved: US $25- $80

Next, you have the option of grabbing a private oto transfer. These are especially convenient if you are travelling from Da Nang Airport khổng lồ Hoi An or vice versa (from Hoi An to lớn Danang Airport). Your first option is to lớn simply inquire at your hotel lớn see if they can pick you up. 

Once you have booked your stay in Hoi An, ask your khách sạn if they can arrange for a private oto lớn pichồng you up. If they can, then you will want to lớn give sầu them your pickup address at the airport or wherever you are staying in Da Nang.

The cost of a private car can vary, so it is a little hard to figure out an exact budget, but this is the easiest way to travel from Da Nang khổng lồ Hoi An or vice versa (from Hoi An to Da Nang).

Another option to use one of our favourite transfer companies. Blacklane transfers are available worldwide và we have always found them lớn be professional, safe drivers. The cars are luxurious & super comfortable. If you don’t mind paying a higher price tag, you can never go wrong with a Blacklane transfer. It is also a great way khổng lồ build in some stops khổng lồ visit some sites along the way.

If you are traveling in a group or with your family, this will be the best way! In addition, a private car pickup is available at any time whereas taxis are more difficult lớn find during the quiet hours of the day.

There are also other car rental services in the thành phố, but please always ask for the price before booking. It should cost around the same price as the amount I provided above. Here are my recommended & trustworthy companies:

Hotline the oto service company & provide your details such as pickup time, location, và even flight number if you’d lượt thích lớn be picked up at the airport. The private oto option is as comfortable as it gets, so of course, it will be slightly more expensive sầu than the other options available, therefore you can arrange with the driver if you want to visit some sites along the way. If you are traveling in a group or with your family, this will be the best way! In addition, a private car pickup is available at any time whereas taxis are more difficult to find during the quiet hours of the day.

Option 3: Taxi

Journey Time: 30 – 45 minCost involved: US $15 – $23

Many locals & frequent travelers to lớn the area consider a Da Nang lớn Hoi An taxi the easiest way to lớn get to lớn Hoi An from Da Nang. You won’t have to lớn make any prior arrangements since you can catch a xe taxi from the city center or the airport.

It is important lớn know though that the xe taxi drivers drive really fast and I would even go as far as to lớn say that they are pretty crazy drivers! Often there won’t be any seat belts in them either. 

For many solo travellers this might not be a problem, but for families, I’m sure you would invest a bit more money for a safer means of transfer!

A taxi from Danang Airport to Hoi An will take you around 30 – 45 minutes và will cost you from $15 to lớn $23 USD. Make sure your driver is aware of where to lớn take you khổng lồ. Some of them may not be very familiar with the Hoi An area & they could kết thúc up driving in circles trying to lớn find the destination. Some of them may not be very familiar with the Hoi An area và they could over up driving in circles trying khổng lồ find the destination. Also, khổng lồ avoid scams, you should choose a well-known taxi brand:

There is a new service that recently launched at the Da Nang airport – Dichungtaxi (shared Taxi). By booking your taxi on their site, the system will sover your booking information to lớn drivers and have sầu them piông chồng you up. You can cốt truyện the taxi with other people heading the same way by choosing the “share” option. If not, you can always take the “private” xe taxi as usual. This new service is potentially cheaper than other normal options & can also help you avoid being scammed since their pricing is fixed based on the package you select. Shared taxis will be around 150.000 VND ($7) and the normal one will be 2trăng tròn.000 VND ($10).

Option 4: Motorbike

Journey Time: 35 – 45 MinCost involved: US $6

If you are truly the adventures type, then this last option will be perfect for you! Traveling by motorbike is the preferred option for most locals và is actually the most popular form of transportation in Vietphái mạnh.

If you choose this method, please be careful and make sure you have experience with driving a motorbike.

Traffic in Vietphái mạnh is quite different from traffic in other countries; driving requires a special mix of skills lượt thích situation awareness, good reflexes, excellent balance, và guts of steel. If you bởi not have this mix of skills, bởi not take the risk.