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clever clever (klĕvʹər) adjectivecleverer, cleverest1. Mentally quick and original; bright. 2. Nimble with the hands or body; dexterous. 3. Exhibiting quick-wittedness: a clever story. 4. New England. Easily managed; docile: "Oxen must be pretty clever to lớn be bossed around the way they are" (Dialect Notes). 5. New England. Affable but not especially smart. 6. Chiefly Southern U.S.. Good-natured; amiable. See Regional cảnh báo at ugly. clevʹerly adverb clevʹerness nounSynonyms: clever, ingenious, shrewd. These adjectives are compared as they refer to lớn mental adroitness or to practical ingenuity và skill. Clever, the most comprehensive, stresses mental quickness or adeptness: "If I ever felt inclined khổng lồ be timid as I was going inkhổng lồ a room full of people, I would say to myself, You"re the cleverest member of one of the cleverest families in the cleverest class of the cleverest nation in the world, why should you be frightened?" (Beatrice Webb). Ingenious implies originality and inventiveness: "an ingenious solution khổng lồ the storage problem" (Lindomain authority Greider). Shrewd emphasizes mental astuteness and practical understanding: "a woman of shrewd intellect and masculine character" (Leslie Stephen).Regional Note: In the 17th & 18th centuries, in addition lớn its basic sense of "able lớn use the brain readily và effectively," the word clever acquired a constellation of imprecise but generally positive sầu senses in regional British speech: "clean-limbed and handsome,""neat và convenient to use," và "of an agreeable disposition." Some of these British regional senses, brought over when America was colonized, are still found in American regional speech, as in the South, where clever can mean "good-natured, amiable," in old-fashioned speech. The speech of New Englvà extends the meaning "good-natured" khổng lồ animals in the specific sense of "easily managed, docile." Perhaps it was the association with animals that gave sầu rise khổng lồ another meaning, "affable but not especially smart," applicable to people when used in old-fashioned New Englvà dialects.Word History: Being too clever is thought lớn be unwise, and support for this popular notion may be afforded by the fact that the devil seems lớn have sầu been the first "clever" one in English. The source of our word clever is probably the Middle English word cliver, recorded only once in a work written before 1250, in which it is said that the devil is "cliver on sinnes." This means something lượt thích "skillful in respect to sins."Cliver probably goes baông chồng to lớn the Indo-European root gleubh-,"to cut, cleave sầu." Although the intermediate ancestry of cliver is unclear, the semantic connection has khổng lồ vày with penetration or incisivenessthat is, cutting through to the heart of the matter, just as a woodcarver cuts through material in order khổng lồ realize a certain vision.

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cleverclever(adj) bright, intelligent, smart, knowledgeable, intellectual, quiông xã, brainy (informal), on the ball (informal), alertantonym: foolishingenious, shrewd, astute, adroit, crafty, wily, cunning, knowingantonym: ineptskillful, talented, quiông xã, adroit, gifted, dexterous, adept, ableantonym: clumsyglib, smart, sliông xã, pert, flippant, superficial, pat