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The buying company will offer cash or shares in their company in return for shares in the company it wants lớn buy.

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Current reserves of public pension agencies resulted from pre-1980 accumulations because contributions were cashed in, whereas claims were long to mature.
Free trade offered a chance lớn relax pressure on the environment and open the countryside to everybody toàn thân but the opportunity was squandered by cashing in on blood sports.
From car cashes, heartaches, và death, to lớn sudden love sầu, musical pleasures, and epiphanies, the unexpected requires not only a leap of imagination, but the working out of its reality.
In addition, it intends khổng lồ denounce the practices of swindlers và those increasing prices who are cashing in on the introduction of the euro.
I refer, first, to the time limit under which a benefit can be extinguished if the order is not cashed within a certain time.
By today a substantial proportion of those applicants who have had cheques cashed should have sầu received returned money cheques.
The families owning the reversion have quite deliberately refrained from cashing in on the value of the reversion.
The thẻ could be used, for instance, to satisfy shopkeepers about identity when cashing cheques, or by landlords when querying drinkers" ages.
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Các từ bỏ thường được sử dụng với cash.

That is, the interbank rates vày not create the incentives for individual banks to lớn hold a correct amount of cash reserves.
Awareness of such reasoning is an important consideration for social policy construction, especially with respect to the case for in-kind, voucher or cash assistance.
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to lớn give sầu someone so much help or information that that person does not need lớn try himself or herself

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