Vietnam can be a fun country lớn visit especially if you are looking to lớn relax, it is not really a các buổi tiệc nhỏ country but are there places around the country that vày have good nightlife. A lot of tourists lớn Vietnam giới want to lớn relax và smoke weed but Vietphái mạnh has strict laws regarding selling, using, và growing drugs in Vietnam giới. So, is weed legal in Vietnam?

Weed is illegal in Vietphái nam. This includes being in possession, selling, or growing weed. The laws in Vietnam on drugs are very strict so if caught with weed punishment can include prison time và even the death penalty.

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In this post, we will go through what is weed legal in Vietnam giới. So let’s get started!

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Is Weed Legal In Vietnam?

Weed is illegal in Vietphái nam. Vietphái nam laws on drugs are very strict which does include jail time and also the death penalty. Vietnamese law on the possession of cannabis is not specific regarding the punishment for being in possession but most sources indicate that the minimum is jail time.


What Do You Do If You Get Caught With Drugs In Vietnam?

Unfortunately, the situation of a tourist getting caught with illegal drugs in Vietnam giới does happen. What to lớn vày if you get arrested for drug possession in Vietphái nam as a foreigner. Here is what khổng lồ do?

You first need khổng lồ tương tác your embassy. The embassy will not get you out of jail but they can insize you, family, and friends, as well as helping to lớn find you a proper Vietnamese lawyer.Next you will need a Vietnamese lawyer that speaks your language. The problem in Vietphái nam is that quite a few lawyers prey on people in desperate situations. And take the money they are paid, vì nothing, & disappear. You need lớn be careful when deciding on a lawyer và before handing over money.The Vietnamese court system is a slow progress. You may have lớn wait months for your first court date. For small offenses, you may have to wait khổng lồ get out on bail và this can be very expensive because of the flight risk.You should remain silent until you get your lawyer. And you should not say anything. As you might get yourself in more trouble.

My Advice About Drugs In Vietphái nam For Foreigners

I have only 3 bits of advice regarding illegal drugs in Vietphái nam. These are as follows.

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Best thing khổng lồ vì is stay away from drugs in Vietphái nam. It is not worth the hassle or risk.If a stranger or someone gives you a package or bag khổng lồ carry, just say no.If you in a bar or cà phê siêu thị và you smell weed. You vì not want lớn be blatant and smoke weed openly.

Wrapping Up

Finally, weed is illegal in Vietnam. This includes being in possession, selling, or growing weed. The laws in Vietphái nam on drugs are very strict so if caught with weed punishment can include prison time & are even the death penalty.

Generally, police understand that young backpackers lượt thích smoking weed and bring money into lớn the country, so tend khổng lồ turn a blind eye to it.

And that’s it for now! I’d love sầu khổng lồ know if this guide on is weed legal in Vietnam has helped you. Let me know if you have sầu any questions & let me know if there is more khổng lồ add.