Earlier this week, the Apple “blogosphere” went abtia laze over the possibility of a black color option for Apple’s upcoming lower-cost iPhone, referred lớn by most as the iPhone 5C. The report, which included images of a supposed black iPhone 5C rear shell, originated from Chinese social network Weibo user Ban base de mango (as reported by PhoneArena, and again at BGR). 

The photos that accompanied the report (pictured above) even pictured the blachồng rear shell next to lớn Apple’s current iPhone 5. Unfortunately, while the pictures and accompanying tall-tale of a “news report” might seem interesting at first, there’s a tiny little problem with the report as a whole: it’s completely false.

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We can exclusively confirm that not only will Apple not offer a màu đen option for the iPhone 5C when it is expected lớn go on sale next month, but in fact, they never planned a black color option in the first place.


To make matters worse, at least as far as the credibility of those sites that reported on the matter, we can also confirm that the exact cống phẩm pictured in those “leaked” blachồng iPhone 5S photos is in fact nothing more than a cheap, crudely-constructed dummy phone available khổng lồ purchase for a mere $13.39 from TVC-Mall.com.

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In short, the rumors surrounding a possible blaông xã iPhone 5C are not only false, but embarrassingly so – và anyone who had bothered khổng lồ vị a bit of research probably could have found as much out in just a few quichồng moments on Google.

The moral of this story is: Don’t believe everything you read – especially when, lượt thích with this rumor, it’s the first claim of its kind, & has nothing backing it except a few photos posted on a Chinese social network.

Here in the real world, the iPhone 5C is expected to lớn be available in green, yellow, trắng, blue, and red – & definitely NOT black. Count on it. Of course, you won’t have sầu to lớn wait long to lớn find out for yourself – Apple’s September 10 truyền thông media event is just around the corner!

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