Cách Dùng Apple Music Miễn Phí

cqaugusta.com Music is an ad-miễn phí streaming music service that lets you listen to lớn millions of songs and your music library. As a subscriber, you can listen any time—online or off—and create your own playlists, stream và download lossless & Dolby Atmos audio files, get personalized recommendations, see music your friends are listening to lớn, watch exclusive đoạn Clip nội dung, & more.

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You can subscribe lớn cqaugusta.com Music or to cqaugusta.com One, which includes cqaugusta.com Music & other services. See the cqaugusta.com cqaugusta.com article Bundle cqaugusta.com subscriptions with cqaugusta.com One.

Note: cqaugusta.com Music, cqaugusta.com One, lossless, & Dolby Atmos aren’t available in all countries or regions. See the cqaugusta.com cqaugusta.com article Availability of cqaugusta.com Media Services.

Subscribe khổng lồ cqaugusta.com Music

You can subscribe to lớn cqaugusta.com Music when you first open the Music tiện ích ; khổng lồ subscribe later, go to lớn Settings  > Music, then tap the subscription button.

New subscribers can start a trial và cancel at any time. If you kết thúc your cqaugusta.com Music subscription, you can no longer stream cqaugusta.com Music songs or play cqaugusta.com Music songs you downloaded.

Qualified students can purchase a student subscription at a discounted price. See the cqaugusta.com cqaugusta.com article Get an cqaugusta.com Music student subscription.

Share cqaugusta.com Music with family members

When you subscribe to cqaugusta.com Music or cqaugusta.com One Premier, you can use Family Sharing to giới thiệu cqaugusta.com Music with up lớn five other family members. Your family group doesn’t need to vị anything—cqaugusta.com Music is available to lớn them the first time they open the Music app after your subscription begins.

If you join a family group that subscribes lớn cqaugusta.com Music or cqaugusta.com One Premier, and you already subscribe, your subscription isn’t renewed on your next billing date; instead, you use the group’s subscription. If you join a family group that doesn’t subscribe, the group uses your subscription.

Note: To stop sharing cqaugusta.com Music with a family group, you can cancel the subscription, leave the family group, or leave sầu or turn off Family Sharing.

Listen to music shared with you

When a friend shares music with you using the Messages app, you can easily find it in Shared with You in cqaugusta.com Music. (Music must be turned on in Settings  > Messages > Shared with You, and your frikết thúc must be in your contacts danh mục in Contacts.)

Open the Music phầm mềm , then tap Listen Now.

Swipe up to lớn Shared with You, then vày any of the following:

Tap a tuy nhiên lớn listen to lớn it.

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Tap the name of the person, people, or group who shared the song to lớn reply to them using the Messages ứng dụng. You can also reply while listening to the song—tap the name shown above sầu the traông chồng.

Touch and hold the tuy nhiên lớn take other actions—for example, add it lớn your library, create a station, or mô tả it.

Listen to music with your friends using SharePlay

With SharePlay, you can join a FaceTime hotline và share music with your friends, with everyone’s playbaông xã in sync (iOS 15.1 và later). Each person can use the music controls lớn pause, rewind, fast-forward, or scrub to lớn a different part of the song. And anyone using SharePlay can add songs to lớn the shared queue.

To learn more about sharing music with SharePlay, see Use SharePlay khổng lồ watch & listen together in FaceTime.

Show or hide subscription features

Go lớn Settings  > Music, then turn Show cqaugusta.com Music on or off.

Change or cancel your cqaugusta.com Music subscription

You can change your subscription plan or cancel your subscription.

Tap Listen Now, then tap

or your profile picture.

Tap Manage Subscription, then follow the onscreen instructions.

If you’re not a subscriber, you can use Music lớn listen lớn music synced khổng lồ iPhone from a Mac or a Windows PC, play and download previous iTunes Store purchases, & listen khổng lồ cqaugusta.com Music 1 for miễn phí.