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In general, the best way khổng lồ tương tác Pokémon GO support is through our in-ứng dụng tư vấn system. To liên hệ tư vấn through the app:
However, there may be a more suitable contact method for your specific issue or Help Center articles that can help you out. Reviews the topics below to learn more.

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If the troubleshooting guides don’t resolve your issue, please liên hệ us using this size and select "Sign-In Issue" from the dropdown menu.
To report a bug with Pokétháng GO that isn’t already listed on the Known Issues page, please contact us through the app.
You won"t get an individual response to your report, but we’ll use this information to lớn help us reproduce the issue & identify trends. Using the in-ứng dụng option allows us khổng lồ collect important contextual information (like app version and device model) to better investigate bugs.
If you purchased PokéCoins & wish to lớn receive sầu a refund, please liên hệ Apple Support (iOS users), Galaxy App Store (Samsung users), or Google Play Help (Android users) to lớn reviews their respective sầu refund policies, request a refund, or lớn inquire about a recent transaction.

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If you have sầu a question about an sản phẩm purchased from the cửa hàng using PokéCoins, please liên hệ us through the app.
If you believe sầu an in-game location should be modified or removed, you can submit a request for us lớn đánh giá an in-game feature representing a real-world location. Please visit this page for information on how lớn submit a request.
To report a player or service that violates the Terms of Service or the cqaugusta.com Player Guidelines, tương tác us through the tiện ích. Please note that we can"t discuss any actions we may have taken on another player’s trương mục.
Our goal is to lớn provide our players with a fair, fun, and legitimate gaming experience. We maintain a Three Strikes Policy against cheating and actively remove sầu players that vị not respect the rules the rest of the community follows. If you believe sầu you were incorrectly punished, please nhận xét this page to submit a ban appeal.

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For trương mục deletion requests, please tương tác us using this form and select "Delete My Account" under the issue type dropdown menu. Please note that this action cannot be reversed once fully processed.
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