Steamed Bao Buns Recipe

Fill these steamed Chinese bread rolls with BBQ pork and pickled vegetables for a perfect Chinese New Year buổi tiệc nhỏ nibble

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low infat1g


525g plain flour, plus extra for dusting1½ tbsp caster sugar, plus a pinch1 tsp fast-action dried yeast50ml milk1 tbsp sunflower oil, plus extra for brushing và for the bowl1 tbsp rice vinegar1 tsp baking powder


Mix together the flour, caster sugar & ½ tsp salt in a large bowl (see tip). Dissolve the yeast and a pinch of sugar in 1 tbsp warm water, then add it to lớn the flour with the milk, sunflower oil, rice vinegar & 200ml water. Mix inkhổng lồ a dough, adding a little extra water if needed.

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Tip the dough onkhổng lồ a lightly floured work surface và knead for 10-15 mins, or until smooth. Put in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with a damp cloth and leave sầu khổng lồ rise for 2 hrs, or until doubled in kích thước.

Tip the dough out onto lớn a clean work surface & punch it down. Flatten the dough with your hands, then sprinkle over the baking powder & knead for 5 mins.

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Roll out the dough into lớn a long sausage shape, about 3centimet thiông xã, then cut inlớn pieces that are about 3centimet wide – you should have sầu 18. In the palm of your h&, roll each piece of dough into lớn a ball and leave khổng lồ rest for 2-3 mins.

Use a rolling pin to roll out each ball, one by one, into an oval shape about 3-4mm thick. Rub the surface of the dough ovals with oil và brush a little oil over a chopstichồng. Place the oiled chopstick in the centre of each oval. Fold the dough over the chopstiông chồng, then slowly pull out the chopstiông xã.

Cut 18 squares of baking parchment and put a bun on each. Transfer lớn a baking tray, cover with a clean tea towel & leave khổng lồ prove in a warm place for 1 hr 30 mins, or until doubled in kích thước.

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