The world’s largest convenience store operator has confirmed the signing of a master franchisee in Vietphái nam & now plans 1000 stores over the next decade.

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7-Eleven Vietnam giới will be a partnership between the Japanese-headquartered US subsidiary and a new venture called Seven System Vietnam Co. While the US announcement did not identify the parties behind Seven System, Japan’s Nikkei news agency identified the partner as IFB Vietnam, which owns the Pizza Hut franchise in Vietnam. Nikkei says the first store will open in the nation’s commercial hub, Ho Chi Minch City, with a target of 100 stores within the first three years & 1000 within 10. 7-Eleven has 56,400 stores globally và Vietphái nam will mark its 18th international market. Japan’s Seven & I Holdings has openly been assessing a Vietphái mạnh entry for some years. The convenience store sector is still at an early development stage with Circle K and FamilyMart the early entrants and Thailand’s B-smart, part of the Berlei Jucker Group, playing a cameo role.

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Given the booming convenience store market in other Southeast Asian countries, especially xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện, the Philippines, Indonesia và Malaysia, 7-Eleven’s superior logistics, sản phẩm phối, kinh doanh & location selection should see it assume market leadership there well within the first 10 year window. 7-Eleven’s US statement says, somewhat enigmatically, the new Vietphái mạnh business will “construct 7-Eleven stores convert existing locations to lớn the 7-Eleven brand” without disclosing which brvà is khổng lồ be swallowed up. While the initial stores will be company-owned, the company says it will eventually franchise stores to local entrepreneurs. “7-Eleven’s entry into the country aims to lớn enhance the convenience-shopping experience for Vietnamese customers and contribute lớn modernizing small retailers in the world’s 13th most populous country.” 7-Eleven US & its parent company, Seven-Eleven Japan, will provide start-up tư vấn for its newest master franchisee by assisting Seven System Vietphái nam in implementing 7-Eleven’s strategies of market concentration, team merchandising and tác phẩm by tòa tháp management. Vietphái mạnh marks 7-Eleven’s first new market in the Pacific Ryên since it entered Indonesia in 2009. It already operates in the US, Canada, Mexiteo, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Trung Quốc, The Philippines, nước Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark & the UAE, where the first 7-Eleven store will open in the third quarter of this year. Source: insideretail.asia Related News: First Vincom opens in Mekong Delta Tran Anh opens first electronics hypermarket  BreadTalk Vietnam giới to lớn open three new outlets Svào Vietphái nam retail sales growth Five sầu trends in Vietnam giới retailing Hollys Coffee mix for Vietnam giới debut Cold Stone Creamery Vietphái mạnh plans 30 stores Hamleys toy shop khổng lồ open in Vietphái nam New Horizons coming to lớn Vietphái mạnh Aeon Vietphái nam announces fourth mall